About Us


Ardita Topalli

Owner of Infinity Glow Lounge and Teeth whitening

CT Teeth Whitening by Ardita offers professional teeth whitening services out of Middlebury, CT. Company was founded in 2020 by Ardita Topalli. 

Ardita Topalli is a Registered Dental Hygienist with over 15+ years of dental experience. Ardita graduated from Fones Dental Hygiene School at University of Bridgeport which is the #1 leading dental hygiene school in the country. 

Professional teeth whitening gives you a boost of confidence and a beautiful smile. This service takes only 1 hour and last 6-12 months. A beautiful smile can complete change the way you feel about yourself. When you don’t feel confident about your teeth, it interferes with all areas of your life. Thankfully, professional teeth is an option for those who desire pearly whites. 

We pride ourselves in providing a fulfilling experience, fantastic results, and educating our clients to better their dental hygiene. As always all our equipment is sterilized to OSHA Standards!


Crystal Santos

Owner of Crystal Beauty Aesthetic

With over 14 years of experience in the medical field and a science degree from Goodwin University, a Licensed Esthetician graduated in Deep River, CT from RVEI. I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my role as an esthetician. 

My passion for skincare therapy & beauty esthetics and love of making others feel great about themselves is what drives me. I specialize in facial massage modalities, skincare education, and The Scalp is Skin treatment. 

I’m thrilled to offer virtual consultations for those who can’t make it to the studio in person. I’m just a video call away for all your skincare needs. We will discuss all your concerns and work on a skin care routine that fits your lifestyle & budget. Taking care of your skin should feel like a treat, not a burden. When you feel good about your skin, you radiate confidence – which is the ultimate beauty boost! 

My philosophy is that skincare is not just about treating the surface, but also about nurturing the body from the inside out. That’s why I always strive to educate my clients on the importance of a healthy diet, proper hydration, and a healthy lifestyle as part of their skincare journey.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Staff

Our experienced staff, led by industry experts Ardita Topalli and Crystal Santos, brings a wealth of skill and passion to redefine your beauty experience with precision and care.

Clean, Safe, And Licensed

Ensuring a clean, safe, and licensed environment, we prioritize your well-being and trust in every aspect of our beauty services at Infinity Glow Lounge and Crystal Beauty Aesthetic.

Friendly Service

At Infinity Glow Lounge, experience the warmth of friendly service that accompanies every step of your beauty journey.

Affordable Prices

Experience top-notch beauty services without breaking the bank at our salon—where affordability meets exceptional quality!


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